The Booty Barre ®

Booty Barre The newest trend in the fitness industry, already a favourite with Hollywood celebs and with millions of devotees in America, the UK, and Australia, The Body Workshop is the first to bring The Booty Barre to Johannesburg. 

The Booty Barre is a high energy, calorie-burning fusion of ballet, yoga, Pilates and cardio. It tones and lifts the booty, lengthens and tones the legs and arms, and works the core muscles. Elongate, stretch, and strengthen without adding bulk – and have an exhilarating workout at the same time.

The Booty Barre was developed by fitness expert Tracey Mallet and is being taught all over the USA, and as far afield as Turkey and Japan.

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The Body Workshop is now an approved Discovery Vitality gym.

All workouts will earn you 150 vitality points.



Booty Barre Fusion

Booty Barre fusion classes are a combination of the Booty Barre classes and a fusion of other dance techniques. It uses the principles of the barre class for balance as well as adding cardio and floor-work to provide an extra challenge and a bit of variety.

This class incorporates many balance moves and more cardio blasts to torch calories and tone the entire body.

Rebounding Classes

Rebounding has commonly been referred to as 'The Miracle exercise'! It is not only an excellent exercise format, but the health benefits are almost unbelievable.

The class is conducted on mini-trampolines known as 'rebounders' and you will leave feeling energized, invigorated, HAPPY and with an amazing overall sense of well-being.

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Tailor-Made Group Classes

Your choice of exercise in a programme developed especially for you: cardio, weight and circuit-style training, Pilates mat and ball classes, stretch and tone, boot camp and military-style training, Booty Barre, Rebounding – we'll design what is right for your needs. Our customised classes are great for cross training.

If you are a cyclist, swimmer or runner, we can offer the right training to enhance your strength and flexibility and improve performance.

The Body Workshop's tailor-made group classes are for groups put together by you to train with your friends and family. We can accommodate 3-8 people in a group and prices will vary according to the size of the group and how often you want to train.

Core and Functional Training

The Body Workshop’s specialized Core and Function Training programme is especially designed to prevent injury and maximise efficiency and performance in all sports.

Dubbed ‘testosterone Pilates’ because it is so great for guys, this class is designed to work the entire body with specific focus on the core muscles. It is a tough boot-camp style class that will strengthen the abdominals and back to prevent injury and create balance and stability.

You will be working with your own body weight and the TRX training system, and using the Pilates/Swiss ball to fire up your core muscles and build your personal strength.